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It was a little more than thirty years ago that a "culture connection" was formed between The Hopi Nation and the island of Jamaica. In 1985 freddie McGregor became the first Jamaican reggae artist to ever perform on an Indian Reservation. There was a special feeling that developed between the reggae artists that came out to the reservation and the Hopi people. The message in the music was something that people on the reservation understood. As a result, Reggae inna Hopiland was born.
The memory of Mr. Gerry Gordon can never be forgotten, for it was through his love for reggae music and the Hopi people that helped create the first Cultural Connection between Jamaica and Hopiland! Your name will never be forgotton!
Rest in Peace my friend….



 With the overwhelming success of his third and fourth cd's CASPER LOMAYESVA is a man on a musical mission. This Hopi / Dine' native has spent the past years traveling throughout the country and abroad performing his unique reggae sound and exposing the realities of life on the reservation. He has performed at the annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival twice, the 2001 and 2009 American Indian Inaugural Ball in Washington, DC. and at Madison Square Garden in New York City for Pete Seeger's 90th birthday celebration along side Bruce Springsteen, Tom Morello of Rage against the machine and Dave Matthews, just to name a few. CASPER'S success lies in his unique musical vision, and it comes straight from the heart. His lyrics tell the stories of reservation life. It is front page news that's never been heard. The music is reggae with a blend of herbs and spices from a variety of musical influences. Same tree… different branch.

Ashukan Cultural Center Mixed Arts Festival. Montreal, Canada.. June / 17

Rest in Peace "Daddy One Blood" Ira Osbourne 

Our beloved family member and mentor, Ira Osbourne was swept away by complications of pneumonia in the early morning of July 8, 2020. At the time of his passing, Ira was back in his beloved Jamaica living his life with his family and continuing his music. In the early 80's I had the opportunity to meet and befriend Ira and the musicians of the "One Blood" posse. The foundation of Arizona reggae was in this band so this link was instrumental in the creation of many branches of AZ reggae bands including Casper and The Mighty 602 Band. Ira was an true inspiration to many artists and musicians and we had a great ride playing music and touring! The stories are endless and the adventure was magical! Thank you Ira for taking me under your wing like a big brother and teaching me about the truth and warning me about the lies. I will never forget your name. Rest in peace Ira "One Blood" Osbourne.


RIP John "Badboy" Bushman 

John Bushman, died on Tuesday evening January 29 2019, surrounded by family and many heartfelt expressions of love and friendship. His children and beautiful wife Naomi, poured love all over him and lifted up his spirit until the very end. He said these last weeks were the best of his life. Your presence was always a welcome site whenever our paths crossed and you always had a smile even while talking S@#$ about politicians and their hidden agendas. Life was good my friend. I will see you soon.. RIP Badboy John





RIP Jason M. Edwards 

Jason M. Edwards was a Seminole brother and the kindest spirit anyone could have known. He represented everything good and decent in these times of uncertainty. Jason was the former director and chair of the Society of American Indian Government Employees and soon after, became an amazing photographer. He will always be remembered as a beautiful soul who loved his dogs, his sports teams and his culture. 

RIP Jason and we'll see you on the other side. 

RIP Rudy "Roots" Chavez 

Our dear friend and original guitar player for the Mighty 602 Band died from complications to his Cancer treatment on March 6th 2018. Roots was an inspiration to all the musicians in the band and made his mark on the music we released in a 20 year time frame. Condolences to his wife, children and grand children as we know your loss and pain. Thank you Roots for your contribution to this music in particular but also to your presence in this reality we are left to face without you. We will miss you dearly and will never forget your name! RIP!

602 - 2023 Photo by Benz

602 - Rehearsal at the Cave in Phoenix 2023 Photo by Benz

With Toots and 602 - Flagstaff, AZ. year unknown


Beginning of the Month  

Hello again peeps,

We are now in April and the year looks promising. The 602 is alive and working on a full length cd for 2024. In the mean time, we will be releasing singles on all music streaming platforms so we'll keep you in the loop as we ah forward! As a reminder, February 16th 2024, we finally released a new single from Third Mesa Music and The 602. After a few years in the cut, we finally got together to make music again. “Stepin in the light” features the 602 like they always have been and the energy still radiates from long time! Make sure to get your copy. 

Let's pray that tomorrow will be a new day where we can sing and dance together as Casper & The Mighty 602 Band pass through your area with the niceness and energy that follows! With lyrics and melody that radiate the accomplishments in our daily lives and the songs that identify the trial and tribulations, stay vigilant in your safety measures and surround yourself with those you squeeze the tighest! 

Maximum Respect! 

Also, don't forget to hit up your favorite community and tribal radio stations requesting to hear Casper and The Mighty 602 Band. Since 1995 the music has traveled throughout the world, continually connecting people and cultures! This music is bigger than all of us, so to be just a small leaf, on a small branch, on an enormous tree, is just fine with us!

Word, Sound, Power!  

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