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It was a little more than thirty years ago that a "culture connection" was formed between The Hopi Nation and the island of Jamaica. In 1985 freddie McGregor became the first Jamaican reggae artist to ever perform on an Indian Reservation. There was a special feeling that developed between the reggae artists that came out to the reservation and the Hopi people. The message in the music was something that people on the reservation understood. As a result, Reggae inna Hopiland was born.
The memory of Mr. Gerry Gordon can never be forgotten, for it was through his love for reggae music and the Hopi people that helped create the first Cultural Connection between Jamaica and Hopiland! Your name will never be forgotton!
Rest in Peace my friend….



Gerry Gordon was one of the founding members of Cultural Connection, (which was basically a close circle of friends who had more than cultural in common.) Cultural Connection was a movement and the, "Reggae inna Hopiland" concerts became the platform for this ah reggae music! What people don't realize is that Cultural Connection was single handedly  responsible for bringing the first ever, reggae concert to Indian Country! It was because of their desire to hear Reggae music, that the biggest names in the business have been to Hopiland, AZ. to perform continually, year after year.   


"Cultural Connection" broke down the walls between Indian Casinos and International Reggae superstars! Believe that! Thank you Gerry for your commitment to the community, Reggae Music and to Cultural Connection who, still continue to bring the biggest names to Hopiland year after year! 


Beginning of the Month  

Hello again peeps,
January is finally done but I wanted to reflect on what has happened since the beginning of the new year. We had the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful trip to Havasupai (In the canyon) and bring some reggae vibes to the massive in the community! Supai is mystical and it was an honor to perform for our friends there, once again.
Unfortunately, we lost some good friends this month with Jason Edwards and John Bushman. We will miss your presence as we continue but we will never forget your names.

Look out as February could bring The Mighty 602 Band to your area with the niceness and energy that follows!    As the live music continues to feed the spirit, it's the ideas that are born with lyrics and song that identify the trial and tribulations, and also radiates the accomplishments of all our daily lives. Keep your ears open for new joints dropped regularly by 602 and Iron Lion Sounds. Maximum Respect! 

Remember, there's no telling where we might venture during this time so if you get the opportunity to come see us live, don't hesitate! Also, don't forget to hit up your favorite community and tribal radio stations requesting to hear Casper and The Mighty 602 Band. Since 1995 the music has traveled throughout the world, continually connecting people and cultures! This music is bigger than all of us, so to be just a small leaf, on a small branch, on an enormous tree, is just fine with us!

Love and Respect Everytime!  

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