Beginning of the Month 

Hello again peeps,

We are now at the end of May and June looks to be promising in terms of new material for 2024. The 602 Band is alive and always working on new music continuously. Nowadays, we are utilizing an old method developed by Jamaican dancehall artists back in the days with the releasing of singles as they are recorded. The days of waiting for a full length, 10 song cd are done. With the music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple music, (to name a few), the music stays current and is available, worldwide and at your finger tips.   

As a reminder, on February 16th 2024, we finally released the latest single from Third Mesa Music and The 602 band. After a 7 year hiatus, we finally got together to make music again. “Stepin in the light” features the 602 band like they've always have been. The energy still radiates from long time! On April 17th, 2024 we released our second single of the year with “Style and Fashion” which features Conspiracy Horns from my other musical endeavor. The month of June will also feature new music from Casper and the 602 band.   

We long for a new day where we can sing and dance together once again. Check out Casper & The Mighty 602 Band when we pass through your area bringing live music, lyrics and melody to the massive every time. Until we meet again, stay vigilant in your safety measures and surround yourself with those you squeeze the tighest! Maximum Respect! 

Also, don't forget to hit up your favorite community and tribal radio stations requesting to hear Casper and The Mighty 602 Band. Since 1995 the music has traveled throughout the world, continually connecting people and cultures! This music is bigger than all of us, so to be just a small leaf, on a small branch, on an enormous tree, is just fine with us!

Word, Sound, Power!